Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers represent some of the more Frequently Asked Questions about e-Channel. If you have questions that are not covered within this section, please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • What is "e-Channel"
    e-Channel is Ontario’s online literacy program with classroom and meeting space for students, teachers, coaches, trainers and leaders of adult literacy in Ontario. The online class may allow participants to hear and interact with the instructor and other students/participants using a computer at a location of their choice, or at Online Learning Centres.
  • What types of classes are available?
    There is a wide range of courses available either in live classes or classes available anytime. Choices include: Math, Reading, Science, Writing, Spelling, Algebra, Using Computers, GED Preparation, etc.

  • When and how do students register?
    Registration dates vary depending on the organization offering the course. To register, each student must:
    1. Call or email the organization offering the course.
    2. Let them know what course they want to take.
    3. Follow their instructions and complete the e-Channel registration process.
  • Do students need special training to take online courses?
    Each literacy organization offers help to new users. e-Channel live classes are very user-friendly, and users are able to take a video tour, use quick reference information, or an online guide. Support staff are ready to help at Contact North I Contact Nord.
  • How do students take a course with e-Channel?
    First of all, learning through e-Channel requires a computer with Internet access. Next, students need to choose a course and register with the organization that is offering their course. Once students have registered, they receive a schedule for their classes.

    • For live classes, users visit e-Channel to login with the Username and Password provided when they have registered for a course. For anytime classes, the literacy organization students register with will provide students with instructions to attend.
    • If students do not have a computer with Internet access, the literacy organization they register with can reserve a computer for them at one of the Online Learning Centres.
  • Is there a cost to take a course?
    e-Channel courses are offered at no cost. Students who wish to earn credits in the Academic and Career Entrance Program (ACE) may choose to register for courses outside of the free tuition intake months of January, March, April, June, September, and November, and in this case there are tuition fees. Students registering for ACE credit courses should also expect to pay textbook fees.