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Move forward now with ACE Distance Learning!

    Online learning with personalized support in your community

    ACE Distance opens opportunities!    

    The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program is a high school equivalency program for adult learners delivered in class by Ontario’s community colleges, and online by the ACE Distance program. It prepares you to apply for, and succeed in, community college post-secondary programs and apprenticeship training.

    Am I eligible for ACE Distance Learning?

    • Adults who are Ontario residents 19 years or older can participate in ACE Distance programming.

    Can ACE Distance help me get into post-secondary training or employment?

    • All Ontario community colleges accept ACE Distance for registration purposes.
    • ACE Distance is recognized for apprenticeship registration.
    • Check with a university or an employer to be sure they recognize ACE Distance credentials.

    What’s next?

    • Complete the no cost Learn to Learn (L2L) course now!
    • starts every Monday    
    • takes 20 hours
    • up to 30 days to complete
    • login must be within first 10 days
    • within 5 days first assignment must be completed.
    • Register online at
    • You must have your own e-mail address.

    Discover your reading, document use and numeracy skills!

    • Register for 1 free ACE Distance credit course for which you qualify in:

    January  March  April   June  September  November

    • Take up to 22 weeks to complete the credit course.
    • Plan to spend at least 10 hours a week in completing the course.
    • Or study faster and complete your course in less time!

    Your timing of credit completion is important when planning to apply to any post-secondary program. Start early! Start now!

    Not ready for credit courses yet? What help is available?

    • Learn to Learn (L2L) will help you find out what you are ready for – with help, you will develop a training plan that meets your needs.
    • Free communications support and numeracy support courses are available, if needed.
    • If ACE Distance programming isn’t your best choice, ACE Distance will refer you to another program.

    NOTE: To be eligible for ACE Distance courses, students must:

    1. Complete the Essential Skills for Employment and Education (ESEE) assessment and meet the entry standard required for ACE Distance courses.
    2. Complete the 20-hour Learn to Learn course required of all students.

    For more information, call 1-877-999-9194.