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e-Channel Providers

A partnership dedicated to adult literacy

e-Channel is made up of five partner organizations

Established in 2007, e-Channel’s five partners are dedicated to supporting adult learners to achieve their employment, education and independence goals. Each partner provides free courses tailored to specific groups of learners.
e-Channel logo ACE Distance is geared toward adults who want to upgrade and open doors to employment and further education. It helps learners qualify for:

  • Admission to college certificate & diploma programs
  • Jobs that require grade 12 or equivalent credentials
  • Registration as an apprentice Good Learning Anywhere helps adults in Ontario achieve their online learning goals. It focuses on:

  • Providing a culturally supportive and flexible environment
  • Helping clients improve their skills for a better quality of life at home, at work and in the community

F@D is for French-speaking Ontarians. The goal is to help them:

  • Improve their writing, oral communication, calculation, computer and learning management skills
The Learning HUB logo

The LearningHUB is for adult learners who want a flexible online learning environment. It helps them:

  • Upgrade their skills for apprenticeship and employment
  • Explore personal finance, setting goals, technology, career options and more

Deaf Learn Now is the first fully online literacy program for deaf and hard of hearing adults in the world. Courses are designed to help learners who:

  • Are looking for employment
  • Need academic qualifications
  • Want to boost their knowledge and independence, and reduce social isolation