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ACE Distance

Academic & Career Entrance

This program provides Grade 12 equivalent courses for adult learners who would like to upgrade for employment, apprenticeship or college admission. The ACE program is delivered in class by Ontario’s 24 public colleges and online by the ACE Distance program, in partnership with the colleges. ACE Distance prepares students to apply for and succeed in college, apprenticeship training and employment.

Courses include biology, chemistry and physics, mathematics, computer fundamentals and more.

Step 1: Assessment
Students must complete an assessment that indicates their current skill level in several areas. This assessment is called SkillsMarker (formerly ESEE — Essential Skills for Employment and Education.)

Step 2: Learn to Learn
Students must complete Learn to Learn (L2L), a 20-hour orientation course that helps them determine if they have the computer skills, academic background courses and personality to succeed in ACE Distance/Online courses.

Students need their own email address, access to the Internet and a reliable computer. Students who don’t have a computer can use one for free at Contact North | Contact Nord online learning centres across Ontario. Information about locations is at